The meeting of Avila in three words : Sr Blandine Akonde

Publié le : 17 août 2015

(vicariate of Benin)

> to preach is to encounter God, to allow ourselves to be transformed in order to bring God to the world

> to be a preacher is to allow the Word to become incarnate in us through a process of silence, humility, detachment and welcome in order to give birth to it in the world

> to be listening to God in a commitment that opens us to the challenges of mission

To listen is to allow ourselves to be transformed and to transmit the message

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  • 30 mars 2017 - 03h12Orylis Levis

    Yes, I do agree with you. But also, to preach is to create a family of souls for God around you, through the word of God. To listen to the word of God is not only to communicate with God but also it’s to communicate with other people all over the world. God the heavenly Father make His own words sprout into our heart and our soul forever and ever. May it be so. Ave Maria.