Meeting of Avila summer, 2015

Did you know?

Published : 12 August 2015

Visiting the Monastery of the Encarnación, we made a beautiful discovery... St. John of the Cross’ Christ was the model for one of Salvador Dali’s most famous paintings, an oil on canvas created in (...)

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Sunday, August 9: conference by Father Romulo Cuastas Londoño, ocd

Published : 11 August 2015

Who was Saint Teresa of Ávila? She was born in 1515 in Ávila, Spain, and she died in 1582, in Alba de Tormes. She led what was considered a long life in her day. Her life’s journey is simple: she (...)

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Lundi 10 août : rencontre avec le frère César Valero Bajo, op

Published : 10 August 2015

Ce lundi 10 août, le frère Cesar Valere Bajo, op, promoteur général pour l’Ordre des moniales, est venu nous parler de la prédication en général, et plus particulièrement de « Femme prédicatrice aux (...)

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Friday, August 7: Community, sisterly relationships, and spaces for mutual accompaniment

Published : 8 August 2015

Today, Friday the 7th of August, we welcomed Sister Lola Arrieta, a Carmelite of the Caridad de Vedruna. She spoke to us on the themes of community, sisterly relationships, and spaces for mutual (...)

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Avila... Where we are, who are we?

Published : 6 August 2015

The Santo Tomas convent welcomes us and the sisters greet you! Since we’ve been here for five days now, it is high time to tell you about where we are living these days, in the Royal Monastery of (...)

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