Little Grain of Wheat

“Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies…”
(John 12:24)

Are you willing to let yourself go…to be separated from the sheave ?
Are you willing to let yourself go…to fall… to experience empty space, to live in the nothingness moment, to fall…to let faith sustain you on the way to the ground ?

O, holy ground
Plowed and tilled by loving hands, ready and open to gently welcome in earth womb little grain of wheat.

Little grain of wheat…
Now enfolded in darkness of earth womb…
The transforming process begins in rich soil of mother earth.
Softened by moisture of gentle rain.
Warmed by golden sunrays.
God’s loving touch brings forth the life within little grain of wheat
Breaking through hard kernel of defenses and self-protectiveness,
Seeking rootedness in soil of God’s mercy,
Finding nourishment and growth in earth womb of God.
Bursting forth from holy ground,
little grain of wheat…transformed with new life, yields many grains...

Little grain of wheat...
Unless… Are you willing to fall into the ground and die ?
To let the life within emerge ?

Sr Thérèse Demers
Sabattus ME (USA)