Prayer at the well of holy Dominic

Publié le : 31 juillet 2015

On Friday, July 31st, we met for a while of prayer at saint Dominic’s well.

We belong to Caleruega, a symbolic place for us, Dominican. We come here with the desire to get fresh ideas and... Let us recognize our thirst, the deep desires which live in us, the need which we have to be allowed live by God’s presence...

Our Father Saint Dominic,
you “always spoke with God o r about God,”
We come to you so that you may obtain for us
the grace to understand God’s will
and the strength to follow God’s ways
To you we entrust our congregation, born of the family that you began,
and we pray for it, for its present and its future.
Intercede for all of us who wish to follow you
in praising God our Father,
in blessing all men and women,
in preaching the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Our Father Saint Dominic,
we count on the support that you promised us
and on that of all those who intercede for the Order. Amen.

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