Province of Italo-Suisse

Publié le : 17 juillet 2015

The Italo-Suisse province became a province in the congregation in 1975.

These sisters live in 4 communities :
- 1 in Lucerne, (Switzerland), a community of elderly sisters who support our mission through their prayer and their faithfulness.
- 1 in Tuscany, in Ganghereto, a house of prayer welcoming all those who seek renewal by sharing for a while the life of the sisters. It welcomes at the moment the novitiate
- Rome : We have 1 community, in inner suburbs there, where we have an international school of French programs.
- 3 sisters in a new experience to Fondi in the south of Rome
All our missionary activities, as diverse as they are, have the human and spiritual formation of youth as a priority, aiming above all to proclaim explicitly the Gospel.
"« As Dominicans, we are called to live on « the fringe of a broken world » It is in this world, for this humanity that God loves and for which Christ gave his life, that our mission as religious aims to be truly prophetic."
- Faithful to prayer : in the silence of contemplation, where study and mission enrich each other, we learn to look at the world with the eyes of God

- Faithful to community life : our communities, spaces of authentic relationships
strive to be of themselves a mission, announcing the good news of the love of God who « is making all things new. »

- Faithful to study : we want our study to be communal so that we can seek together truth » (Acts of the provincial chapter, February 2005)

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Provincial Prioress
Sister Marie-Théo Puybareau-Manaud
Piazza Madonna del cenacolo, 15
00136 ROMA