Province of Japan

Publié le : 17 juillet 2015

The Dominican sisters arrived in Japan, in Sendai, in 1931 and they quickly developed into a province. Today, this Province has Japanese sisters, with 8 communities in Tokyo, Sendai and Kyoto.

Prayer is both the life spring and the extension of our mission.
(Constitutions : Prayer13)

The first purpose for which you have been gathered together is that you dwell in unity in community and that you have but one soul and one heart in God.
(Rule of Saint Augustine)

"Be ready at all times to answer anyone who asks you to explain the hope you have in you."(I Peter 3 : 15)

« with only the divine seed’s authentic growth in all soils as our ultimate goal. »
(Constitutions : Mission 1,2)

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Colegio de Tokyo (Sei Dominiko Gakuen)
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