Province of Spain

Publié le : 17 juillet 2015

The first sisters arrived in Valladolid in 1881. The province celebrates with faith and thanksgiving these fruitful years on Spanish soil.

In August of 1972, the general prioress established the Province of Spain. These were the years following the Second Vatican Council. The sisters, listening to the calls of the Council, began to put in place the adaptations being asked : « We hear : ‘Return to the sources ! Look at the signs of the times !’ With enthusiasm and pain, with insecurity and faith, we are hearing the call to ‘poverty’. We choose to opt for the poor and for an attitude of solidarity where the eyes of faith can discover the presence of God and enter into dialogue with God and humanity ; we choose to give study the serious priority required for growth and witness ; we choose to let ourselves be challenged by new vocations, walking with them and assuring their formation. »

We live in Valladolid, Madrid, Lanzarote, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santiago, Chili.

Like Dominic Guzman, we want to react to the longings of our world and, together, listen to the Word of God that nourishes and enlightens us to respond to the urgencies we perceive now. We do this through our preaching charism which calls us to proclaim the grace of salvation and denounce the situations that prevent history from being the history God wants for his people.

ur charism sends us forth, not without some audacity, to propose gatherings for reflection, get-togethers that promote friendship, work camps, retreats and preaching in different pastoral contexts and professions. We work as a network with the Dominican family in pastoral ministry as well as in the area of Peace and Justice.

With individualism and the marginalization of persons we face in our society, we feel that it is urgent for us to strongly embrace a community life that is prayerful and open to others. Our community hopes to live and walk simply with the people.

We are walking in the direction of coming closer to the poor, the struggle for justice and peace, with a preferential option for immigrants. We accompany the process of faith formation and we commit ourselves to the preaching of the Word of God. Our preaching is aimed at all age groups, with a special focus on youth with whom we are in contact through several parishes and study centers.

We are presently seeking new forms of preaching and presence.

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