Stockholm community : a statue of St Dominic

Sr Katrin, in the community in Stockholm you have a statue of St Dominic. Can you tell me the story of it ?

The statue of Saint Dominic on the photo is a copy of a very old statue at the monastery in Prouilhe. A friend of us who was a sculptress visited this monastery some time during the 1980-ties. Her name was Maj Starck (1909–1998). This pious lady, who was a former Lutheran who had converted to the Catholic Church, made a copy of the statue. She succeeded very well and we liked this representation of Saint Dominic very much. As we at that time were responsible for the diocesan house Marielund, Saint Dominic got his place outside the small house chapel, so we could have a look at him every time we entered the chapel. We liked his presence among us and the simplicity of the statue. In the year of 2000 when we finally moved from Marielund to Västmannagatan in Stockholm, also Saint Dominic moved with us and got a representative place in the chapel near the altar. For the moment I am living in the apartment where the chapel is, so Saint Dominic is quite close to me. What I personally like in this piece of work representing him is the calm expression of his face. He has a book in his left hand, probably the Bible, the source of our inspiration, and with his right hand he is giving us his blessing. Wonderful gifts !

Sr Katrin Ämell

Picture : sr Madeleine Fredell