Published : 17 July 2015

The New Face of Sweden...
In the swedish vice-province we are presently sisters from the congrégation, among whom one sister in formation, and we also have with us 3 sisters from Iraqi congregation.

We are going through a time of re-foundation and transition. After running the diocesan house of Johannesgården in Göteborg, South West of Sweden, for five years, we have decided to come back to Stockholm. In fact we want to give new impulse to the Dominican presence in the city centre, at Västmannagatan. We have also opened a new house in the southern suburbs of Stockholm, at Fruangen, in July 2008.

All the sisters are in some way involved in working in favour of integration in a multicultural society.

Throughout all these changes, we try to answer the following questions :
How can we create lively and influential communities ?
What can our missions be, in order to live truly the Dominican charisma at the service of the Church and of the world ?

Contact :
Sister Madeleine Fredell
Västmannagatan 83 B
site : www.dominikansystrarna.se