DSE Düsseldorf Meeting in Oslo 2018

Publié le : 15 janvier 2018

Sr Inma Sánchez a participé à cette rencontre des jeunes soeurs dominicaines européennes...

Just as the wise men from the East (Magi) left their own country and went to Jerusalem in search of the new born king whose star they have observed at its rising and have come to do him homage (Mt. 2:1-2), some Dominican sisters from Europe left their home convents and gathered in Oslo, Norway for the yearly “Düsseldorf meeting”.
They have come together to pray, study, reflect and share on the theme “Incarnation and Human Dignity – A Dominican Spirituality for Catholic Social Thought”. It was also a time for exchanging stories and updates, recreation and by simply enjoying each other’s presence and appreciating the beauty of belonging to the Dominican family.

This annual gathering for young sisters has been held at the convent of the Dominican Sisters of Catherine of Siena in Düsseldorf Angermund for the past eight years.

In 2018, this meeting for young sisters took place for the first time at Katarinahjemmet (convent of the Dominican Sisters of Notre Dame de Grâce) in Oslo from the 5th to the 7th of January. Sr. Marie Laure Larcher OP set the tone for the theme by giving a concise and interesting presentation on Jacques Maritain and Human Dignity. Sr. Marie Laure belongs to the Dominicaines du Saint Nom de Jésus in Toulouse, France.

The main speaker, Sr. Helen Alford OP who is the former dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and currently vice rector of the Angelicum, gave an enriching lecture on Dominican Spirituality and Catholic Social Thought enfleshed in the lives of Dominican men and women. Knowing the stories of these dedicated Dominicans in their passion for Preaching Justice in light of the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries of the Rosary was truly inspiring !

Participating sisters were from Germany, France, Latvia, Portugal, England, Ireland, Aurtia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Spain and Norway.

This event was made possible through the leadership of Sr. Else-Britt Nilsen OP, continental coordinator for Dominican Sisters Europe and her councilors Sr. Franziska Madl OP, Sr. Edel Murphy OP, Sr. Mary Laure Archer OP, Sr. Barbara Bonfante OP and Sr. Lúcia Petres OP.

Special thanks to the following : Carla Bertana for her simultaneous translation in both English and French, Sr. Anne-Bente Hadland, prioress and the sisters of Katarinahjemmet for their hospitality in hosting the meeting, the Dominican brothers in the Oslo Priory for the use of their conference hall and Fr. Rory Mulligan, SM for celebrating the Sunday Mass.

Sr. Agnes Lalu OP
Dominicaines de Notre-Dame de Grâce