The choice to live a Dominican life depends upon one’s aspirations and personal attraction to the proclamation of the Word of God and service of the faith.

1/ Making contact
This is a time of personal accompaniment by a sister
It includes short or prolonged stays with different communities

2/ Postulancy
This is a time of mutual acquaintance
of deepening personal faith
of learning to live the common life.
This time lasts from six months to a year

3/ Novitiate
It lays the basic foundations of a religious Dominican life.
It requires a certain solitude to arouse a profound relationship with Jesus Christ.
It lasts about two years

4/ Juniorate
First vows are a public commitment within the Church as a follower of Christ according to the charism of Dominic. During the juniorate a sister intensifies her religious formation and, depending on her personal gifts, pursues her studies. The juniorate lasts about five years.

5/ Perpetual Profession
At the end of this time of formation and probation, perpetual profession is not an end in itself but an invitation to daily renew the commitment to follow Christ.