Fr. Bruno Cadoré, master of the Order, shared his vision for the Jubilee with us

Published : 17 August 2015

On this day, Wednesday August 12, we welcomed with joy Fr. Bruno Cadoré, master of the Order. In a first conversation with the assembly, he invited us to see the Jubilee of the Order with new eyes, giving thanks realistically, turning our eyes to the future.

-To give thanks through the men and women of the Order and to see grace at work in each of them. We are to remember in God why we gave our lives to the Word. The official opening of the Jubilee will occur on the feast of all the saints of the Order.

-With realism, and without allowing ourselves to get carried away by the idealism of our projects. We are to review, with realism, what we have done, given, badly done, and what compromises we have accepted in great and small things. We are to be realists in order to be human. If we look like everyone else, that’s good news!

- To look towards the future,
to listen for whatever is moving in the world and the Church. How do we preach today, what questions do we face, how do we answer them, what do we accomplish that is beautiful and good? With the example of the paralyzed man who was brought to Jesus on a stretcher through a hole in the roof, can we ask ourselves how we welcome what disturbs us and broadens our understanding?

The jubilee is an opportunity that we are all to seize. This celebration is also an invitation to cultivate esteem for others and their preaching. The year stretching before us is one in which we are to pay attention to what others are doing and to value it. We are the congregations and religious orders, the nuns, the friars, the sisters, the laity….

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