Hymn for the Jubilee OP : « Dominic ’man all of God’ »

Courtesy of the authors,
Claudio Misuraca and br. Giovanni Calcara OP,
we publish the audio and the score of
« Dominic, ’man all of God’ »,
hymn composed for the eight hundred years
of the dies natalis of Saint Dominic.

In preparation for the 8th centenary of Saint Dominic “Dies Natalis” as our Master of the Order Fr. Gerard Timoner suggested, we too want to sit “At the table with Saint Dominic”. The hymn, which we present to the entire Dominican Order attention, is intended as a simple proposal for whom wants to share it properly.

This hymn comes from an act of love towards Dominic “God’s gift to Mankind and for Mankind” whose actions and Holiness are still alive today, not only in the historical events regarding his existence, but also in everyday life of people who consider him an example of Holiness.

For this reason, we consider it fundamental to make special mention of the reference sources about Dominic’s life because they demonstrate, immediately and directly, how his paternal and brotherly heart was able to teach and to convey the light of the Gospel. He, who was “tender as a mother and hard as a diamond”, left a deep and lasting mark on the heart of all the people who had known him. Thus, through this Hymn, we prefer to meditate on how his life can affect our everyday reality rather than praising his Virtues.

Singing is a process that comes from inside, i.e. from the heart as well as from the mind, from the prayer as well as from the experience. Music, in some way, makes the strings of the Christian soul vibrate, and together with the text, it seeks to continue the work of evangelization by Dominic. It simply wishes to speak to the heart of every believer so that everyone can contemplate the Lord that is “everything in everyone”.

Our purpose is also to respond to the call made by Pope Francis, who, in the Exhortation “Gaudete et Exultate”, invites us to consider Holiness, not a final goal, but a journey that everyone could fulfil in everyday life. Moreover, we can see in Saint Dominic “the holiness next door” of people who take part in our life’s experience.

In the end, we hope the Dominican Order will appreciate our efforts. But if not, we would be equally delighted, in case, even for a moment, our proposal enabled you to think about Dominic and the Jubilee that we are going to live.

fr. Giovanni Calcara o.p.
Claudio Misuraca

Music : Claudio Misuraca

Text : br. Giovanni Calcara o.p. - Claudio Misuraca
Translations : Francesca Guercio, Silvia Hernandez Marcos o.p., Vincenzo Misuraca,
Maria Antonietta Valenza, Vania Sarullo D’Amico

Versione in italiano

Version française

Versión en español

English version


Spartito in italiano - Domenico ’uomo tutto di Dio’ - italiano_-_domenico_uomo_tutto_di_dio_.pdf (3.9 Mo)

 17 avril 2021

Partitions en français - Dominique ’homme tout de Dieu’ - francais_-_dominique_homme_tout_de_dieu_.pdf (3.7 Mo)

 17 avril 2021

Partitura en español - Domingo ’hombre todo de Dios’ - espanol_-_domingo_hombre_todo_de_dios_.pdf (4.1 Mo)

 17 avril 2021

English Score - Dominic ’man all of God’ - english_-_dominic_man_all_of_god_.pdf (4.3 Mo)

 17 avril 2021