Mission - Preaching

« Apostolic life is intrinsic to our form of religious life. Mindful of the social and cultural conditions around us, we prepare for the inbreaking of God’s Kingdom by educating, in every way we can : youth ministry, on-going formation, liberation and the promotion of human dignity. »

(CRSD Constitutions)

« From the smallest to the most forgotten,
God remembers them all vividly. »

Bartolomé de Las Casas, op

As with Saint Dominic, our vision of the world’s needs impels us to proclaim the Word of God and to act in significant ways that contribute to the inbreaking of the Kingdom today.

  • Awakening faith through works that promote human dignity.
  • Committing ourselves to the ministries of preaching, catechesis, teaching youth and adults, being present in the media.
  • Living in concrete solidarity with the poor and the excluded, in keeping with a preferential option for justice, peace and the care of creation..
  • Each day, where we are, holding this mission in prayer.
  • Here and now, holding this mission in prayer.