Monday, August 10 : conference by fr. Cesar Valero Bajo, op

Publié le : 12 août 2015

This Monday, August 10, fr. Cesar Valero Bajo, op, the Order’s general promoter for the nuns, came to speak to us about preaching in general, and more particularly about “Women Preachers at the Dawn of the 2016 Jubilee.”

His talk resonated powerfully with us in the wake of what we had heard in the last few days.

Preaching is at the core of our identity as members of the Dominican family. For us, the Word is not the only way to communicate, but it is of particular importance. The Word is there so that we may speak of God and of God’s loving action in human history.

The preached Word requires a profound ability to listen and an incontrovertible love of silence. The figure of the Blessed Mother tells us to listen, and to develop a deep interior life.

Silence precedes preaching. Preaching always witnesses to life. It falls to us to witness to the truth. As witnesses, we :
> revive our desire to understand the truth
> deepen and allow our heart’s tenderness to grow
> broaden our perspective beyond our own horizons
> teach this way of life
> enlighten our daily experience with the joy of faith and the light of hope.

To guide our reflection, this quotation from fr. AM Carré : “I have spent a lot of time and I still spend a lot of time preparing my preaching, but I would not have been able to speak anything useful and accessible to others if I had not first opened my ears…. It is necessary to listen to one’s brothers and sisters so that each may recognize himself or herself in the message.”

Présentation of fr César Valero Bajo

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