Words from Sisters : Japan

We hear the call to leave our home, and go towards a changing world.

One big problem in today’s Japanese society is :
Putting money first, while the human person is often ignored. “To each person, we feel the need to announce, ‘You are loved by God. Your existence is important to God. Then you can live and be yourself.’”
We feel responsible for “life” and the” natural environment” polluted by nuclear accidents brought about by political crises : problems of the Fukushima nuclear center since the earthquake in 2011 which still remain. All human cries are of concern for us. We strive to be of service in small things and with our prayer.
Japanese Sisters

10 years in Japan
I lived in Japan, becoming a stranger, an illiterate, and at the same time was a sister among sisters and a member of a small Church in the midst of a large population (Twice the size of ours). I greatly loved Japan, with people of few words, filled with meaning, ancient traditions and advanced technologies ; Bi-pop music and tea ceremonies, elusive realities with a thousand contrasts. And the solid confidence of the sisters faced with the daily onslaught of questions : you, why are you here ? What is your faith in reality ? What meaning does it have for you, and for each of us ? Digging deeply and deeper still, opening to the Real who does not die… to receive the Spirit who gives to each one a clear vision of what needs to be done with the strength to do it. Thank you to a Japan whose people are both contemplative and very active.
Sr Marie-Helene Trebous (french)

(CRSD Info 2018)