August 8th : feast of St. Dominic

Published : 6 August 2018

While at prayer, Dominic would beseech the Lord: “Have pity on your people, what will become of sinners?”

On this feast of St. Dominic, this chant reminds us of his frequent cry during his long nights of prayer.
We cry when the pain is too great.

Dominic cries…because the Cathares deny a God who reveals his beauty in creation and our incredible dignity in his image. Because they refuse a God who, through Love, became one of us: God in the flesh, God who dies in the flesh, who is resurrected in the flesh.
But Dominic also cries…because of the violence of the Crusaders who kill and also annihilate all efforts of reconciliation and dialogue. Because of the counter witness given in Languedoc, at the time, by bishops, priests, Christians… (does he also cry for ours today?)
“What will become of sinners?”
Dominic cries. He can only entrust everything to the crucified Christ, in his gift of Life and Love, sign of his infinite Mercy. Then a great peace entered his soul, according to his biographers.
Let us carry in our heart this cry and this confidence in Mercy on this feast of St. Dominic.

Photo : statue de st Do, 17 e siècle, monastère des Dominicaines, Estavayer-le-Lac, Suisse