Bowing deeply leads to humility of heart: “Incline your heart”

Published : 2 August 2015

In introducing her second meditation, Sr. Catherine suggested that we enter into our interior cell, because our actions arise from this interior space.

One might compare it to a cloister, the heart of any monastery. From the cloister radiate the refectory, the chapel, the library… It is the core of the monastery. The image of our own interior cloister invites us to enter it once again. From it we will later be able to go forth and preach, to go towards our sisters and brothers. Everything flows from this source.
Sr. Catherine next tells us a few Key questions to ask as we pray with the illustrations representing St. Dominic’s nine ways of prayer. We are to ask: What is Dominic doing? What is he saying? What is the attitude of his heart?
To answer these questions, we observe what the artist has represented about Dominic’s attitudes, we immerse ourselves in the Word of God with him, and we allow prayer to open our hearts. The commentary of the first friars helps us journey along this meditation.
From the first way of prayer, we recall the word “humility”—an attitude that leads us to ask for what we need.

We study Dominic bowing, his eyes downcast. How can we enter into the same humility that enables us to ask for what we need?

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