Nouvelle traduction : Newsletter Justice & Peace 01/2020

Publié le : 7 février 2020


The Newsletter is structured around four main sections
You will thus read a presentation of the promoters for Europe and the Middle East, and then echoes of a visit to Lebanon in the autumn of 2019, in connection with the Dominican sisters of Iraq who, for several decades, have been living an intense
mission there in the service of underprivileged children.
Important international meetings have taken place : the International Dominican Commission for Justice and Peace in Rome in October 2019, at the time of the Synod for the Amazon, and COP25 in Madrid in December 2019. Spanish
Dominicans have been particularly mobilized during these events, together with the delegation of the Order to the United Nations.
Finally, the Training section offers resources for training. In partnership with DOMUNI, online courses are offered : Social Doctrine of the Church, Human Rights, International Law, Children’s Rights, Ecology, Social and Political Philosophy,
Biblical courses related to societal themes... in French, English, or Spanish.
Last but not least, an online seminar is offered and will take place in the spring of 2020 : « Announcing Jesus in prison ». Feel free to register.

Happy reading !
Fr. Xavier Gomez et Sr. Marie Monnet, op


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