The Dominican Family

The Roman Congregation is part of the Dominican Family.

The Dominican Family is a tree that has many branches, some of which date from its beginnings with St. Dominic (1170-1221).

It is made up of all those in various states of life (religious, priests, laity…) who live out the spirit of St. Dominic in service to the mission. It includes the Dominican friars, the Dominican nuns, the apostolic Dominican sisters, the members of Dominican secular institutes, and the members of lay or clerical Dominican communities.

There are also many other ways to live Dominican spirituality and share the charism and mission of the Dominican Order: Dominican youth, Dominican family movement, lay associates, friends of our communities…

Through the diversity of our states of life, all of us constitute a unique family and try, following St. Dominic’s example, to become “true members of Christ through the total gift of self for the salvation of all.”