Thursday, July 30: Opening of the conference

Published : 31 July 2015

Sr. Carmen Lanao officially opened the first session of the conference of ongoing formation.

The logo that was chosen for the conference came directly from the Annunciation in the Portioncula in Assisi. It invites us to become disciples open and available to Christ. We will share two experiences: a retreat in Caleruega and a period of formation in Avila focused around three themes: Dominican spirituality, community life, preaching and evangelization as Dominican women. The conference takes place within the celebration of the Jubilee of the Order, and is itself an authentic act of jubilee. Fr. Bruno Cadoré, master general of the Order, will in fact conclude the gathering.
During these days, we will meet together in small “community groups”, opportunities for sharing and breaking open the Word, as well as for broadening our understanding of the conferences. These groups are structured according to the participants’ stages of religious life: juniors, sisters with fewer than 5 years of profession, those who have between 8 and 12 years of profession, and sisters with more than 12 years of profession. Two sisters from the Congregation of St. Dominic of Gramond have also joined us.
We will be on retreat until Sunday, August 2nd; Sr. Catherine Aubin will lead this time of reflection centered on the nine ways of prayer of St. Dominic.

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