Vient de paraître : Preaching Justice II

Publié le : 9 mai 2016

Preaching Justice II presents some of the key ways in which Dominican sisters have promoted justice and contributed to social ethics in the 20th century, continuing on into the 21st.

It ranges across the world, from Colombia to Vietnam, and from Sweden to South Africa, and moves from pioneering work in healthcare and teaching in the early 20th century to working with the most marginalized and promoting sustainable lifestyles as we entered the 21st.

Twenty-two contributions present the work of the sisters in twenty-six countries, covering a wide range of practical activities and theoretical development, grouped together under five main headings : resisting oppression, taking up the fight against social exclusion, promoting women and children, peacebuilding and “building a new vision” (a purposely-chosen mixed metaphor !).

It is a companion volume to Preaching Justice I, published by Dominican Publications, Dublin, in 2007, which focused on the work for justice and contribution to social ethics of the Dominican friars over the same time period.

In this website, you will find materials that complement, develop and support what is in Preaching Justice II, including materials in other languages.

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