Who are we ?

Published : 11 July 2015

Dominican apostolic women,
we are over 400 sisters,
present in 10 countries and on 4 continents.

To the Roman Congregation of Saint Dominic

All through history, Dominic’s charism brought various kinds of women’s communities into being. There were monasteries, as well as contemplative and apostolic regular or secular Third Order groups. Some of these joined to become congregations.
In 1956-1957, five congregations with a long tradition of Dominican life merged, giving birth to the Roman Congregation of Saint Dominic, or as it is known in the United States, the Dominican Sisters of the Roman Congregation.
Its unique identity is based on Its history, Its international character, Its way of understanding and meeting the needs of today.
(Excerpts from the Constitutions)

« Dominicans, we share the Order’s mission to let our words and our lives tell every person near and far about God’s mercy and about his freeing and reconciling of the entire human family in Jesus Christ. We do this through a diversity of ministries. »
« Following Dominic’s way, we adopt the essential means he left us. We try to lead a communal life in cooperation with one another, and to live out our profession of the evangelical counsels loyally; we draw strength from personal prayer and heartfelt common celebrations of the liturgy; we study resolutely, looking for the truth in all things.
» (Excerpts from the Constitutions)

The internationality of the congregation is an important element in its identity.
Divided into provinces, vice-province and vicariates, each entity has a certain autonomy in its government al structures and religious formation.
Today, there are sisters in formation in Benin, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Japan.
Women of today, we affirm that diversity, welcomed in an attitude of listening and openness, is a source of enrichment and creativity, and that communion is possible if we widen our perspective in order to better understand reality, and to act out of a more profound discernment. Our Dominican vocation urges us to discover the Truth in the other, in the person who is different from us. We pray that the breath of the Spirit, which brings us to live out this communion in diversity, will fill the entire congregation. (From the Acts of the General Chapter of 2005)

General Council

Elected for 6 years in 2011, the members of the general council are: Sister Carmen Lanao (Spanish) Sister Anne Marie Geffroy (French), Sister Frances Thibodeau (American), and Sister Rosa Barboza (Brasilian). The general councilors reside in their respective provinces.

General Prioress
: Sister Carmen Lanao
Via Cassia 1171
00189 Roma