Who are we ?

We are Dominican sisters of apostolic life.

Women of our time, we choose to follow Christ, living in community in order to witness to the Kingdom of God to our sisters and brothers through our daily lives and ministries in the neighborhoods where we live. Mission is the horizon of our community life, prayer, and study.
Our congregation is very diverse, as much because of our geography, as for our endeavor to be faithful to our common vocation, which assumes our personal ones. Our diversity is a wealth that invites us to speak of God and to live the gospel today in a way adapted to the places in which we live, as Dominic did.
Our mission involves discovering, awakening, and sustaining all the sparks of life and love already in the world, wherever God is revealed in everything that is human or that is becoming more human. Our apostolic activity is entirely perceived in the light of the Incarnation; this calls forth each person’s freedom to choose the paths of life offered to her as a child of God and a sister to all. We dedicate ourselves to preaching in all its forms: human development; education; work for justice, peace, and the care of creation; theological formation; pastoral care of young people and adults; spiritual accompaniment; presence in the media; proclamation through art and culture; quest for interior pathways…. Our community life is itself a form of preaching; it witnesses every day to the possibility of fellowship and joy rooted in Christ.
Our public profession of vows impels us to seek out:
 a just relationship to the other, whether persons in our communities or with all other persons that we meet (voluntary celibacy);
 a joyful sobriety that collaborates in bringing about a more just world (voluntary poverty); and
 common discernment of God’s will in interdependence and mutual trust (obedience).

Dominicans of the Roman Congregation in a few numbers:
presently, 290 sisters
in 34 communities
in 10 countries
on 4 continents