• Mission Hontanas : chronique n°4

    9 June

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  • Découvrez l’Ecole de la prédication

    7 June

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  • Pentecôte: l’Esprit Saint fortifie avec délicatesse pour la mission

    19 May

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Mission Hontanas : chronique n°4

Oslo - Madrid - Burgos -Hontanas : Massages de pieds à Hontanas

Published : 9 June
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Découvrez l’Ecole de la prédication

La formation proposée aborde les aspects théoriques et pratiques de la prédication en Église, en tenant compte du sens et des modalités concrètes de toute prise de parole.

Published : 7 June
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Mission Hontanas : chronique n°3

Ces derniers jours à Hontanas, nous avons eu TRÈS FROID !

Published : 26 May
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The General Council 2023-2029

Published : 14 September 2023

Elected for 6 years in August 2023, the general council of the Roman Congregation of Saint Dominic is made up of the general prioress and 3 general councilors.

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Mission - Preaching

Published : 16 February 2022

« Apostolic life is intrinsic to our form of religious life. Mindful of the social and cultural conditions around us, we prepare for the inbreaking of God’s Kingdom by educating, in every way we can : youth ministry, on-going formation, liberation and the promotion of human dignity. » (CRSD Constitutions)

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The Dominican Family

Published : 11 March 2019

The Roman Congregation is part of the Dominican Family.

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Become a Dominican

Becoming dominican ?

Published : 10 July 2015

« Comme, follow me »

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Published : 12 June 2015

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Where we are

Published : 12 July 2021

Do you want to know the countries where we are present? Do you need to locate one of our communities? Zoom the map below and click on the items that interest you!

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Find us...

Published : 8 July 2019

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Words from Sisters : Japan

Published : 31 March 2019

We hear the call to leave our home, and go towards a changing world.

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